Vooluprobleemid teenusepakkujal TransIP-l

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11:59 15.04.2015 Vooluprobleemid teenusepakkujal TransIP-l

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Täna öösel oli vindi töös viimaste aastate suurimaid katkestusi. Põhjuseks oli voolukatkestus meie virtuaalserveri hostijal.

Edastan TransIP vabandused:

"Dear client,

Earlier tonight our datacenter experienced a power loss, which resulted in one of our corridors becoming unreachable around 03.11 (CEST). You are one of the clients that was affected. Around 04.51 (CEST) power was fully restored and, together with the entire TransIP team, we began bringing all systems back online. Despite all our efforts, due to the amount of work, this lasted until 07.43 (CEST).

Almost all our systems are back online. One server is still experiencing problems, which we are solving as fast as we can.

The cause of the power outage is under investigation at the moment: our first priority was getting all our services restored. What has become clear is that one of the feeds of the corridor in question saw a sudden, large spike in power usage. Subsequently, the main fuse of the corridor blew out. Multiple systems, including our website, became unreachable due to this. At this moment it is unclear why the (smaller) fuse of the rack in question did not blow, which made the problem escalate to the entire corridor. Of course we will investigate this thoroughly, in coordination with the technical staff of DCG (the datacenter where the power loss occurred).

In the 12-year history of TransIP, reliability always had our attention. In that regard, we have let you down this night. That is why, also on behalf of all TransIP team members, I want to offer our sincere apologies. We hope that all our efforts offer any comfort and we will do everything we can to restore your confidence in us.

Kind regards,

Jeroen Hüpscher


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