Pente as an event in next year's mind sports Olympics

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pente_player 2020-08-06T21:13:07+03:00
I'd like to see Pente included as an event in next year's mind sports Olympics, since it's too late for it to be included this year. From play and study, I know that Estonia, the US, Poland, Hungary and Russia could all field excellent teams. I have no doubt that other countries where gomoku and renju are popular could also field great teams by next year. But, we probably need to see more activity in the game room here and in tournaments between now and next August to make it happen. I've brought some very good players here who aren't from Estonia, Arcoroc and GnomeChomsky to name two. Let's see more Pente interest and make it happen!
pente_player 2020-08-07T00:04:33+03:00
I've also played strong Pente players from Sweden, The Netherlands and a German renju player who played a strong game of ninuki renju (like renju with Pente captures) on his first try, so I think a lot of countries could field good teams, provided we start early on the idea of it happening.
pente_player 2020-08-08T09:44:08+03:00
I'm going to go ahead and post some links and resources for the study of Pente (not swap 2 Pente as played here) here in order to help anyone interested in studying to play next year in a mind sports Olympiad swap 2 Pente tournament next year.
rated Pente without swaps is generally played in sets of two games with each player playing first in one game. The board is generally 19x19. The first player must play their first stone in the center of the board and their second stone must be played somewhere on the board which is at least two intersections away from the center of the board, a horizontal or vertical x _ _ x is generally considered the strongest available first and second move for the first player for most choices of a first move by the second player.
Links: - has a large database of Pente games from four different sites available to subscribers; mostly turn based games played there currently, but also has live game rooms and was initially a live game only site for several years. No database access for players during live rated games. - turn based Pente - turn based Pente
yourturnmyturn - turn based Pente - live Pente, mostly on 13x13 boards and overlines don't win (they do win everywhere else, though)
pente_player 2020-08-08T11:10:46+03:00
Writings about Pente, strong players from different countries and Pente programs: Writings about Pente
ente for Beginners by Nosovsky:
few of the best online Pente players from different countries besides Estonia - by no means a complete list:
Hungary - virag, novatis
USA - sjustice, zoeyk, karlw, dmitriking, progambler AKA Pente champ, richardiii, likewowman2cool AKA happyjuggler0, brf, aleph_1
Poland - blaxxx AKA dein (RIP), pente_gon AKA yoss, utratos, spavacz, brain008, victoria, s3v3n AKA Rofellos, arczi
Russia - nosovs, student AKA Dmitri Krasnonosov, stepanov, (zemlyak, lancer, lanser and vbarykin are all one person - Viktor Barykin)
Sweden Arne Blom AKA arneb
Pente program, can be set to analyse positions anywhere on the board by removing the tournament rules option:
pente_player 2020-08-08T11:25:54+03:00
Pente_gon AKA yoss also plays Pente here as Arcoroc. I play elsewhere as watsu and waterdancer.
pente_player 2020-08-08T16:36:26+03:00
Pente database program which shows threat values of positions; pretty good for storing lines of analysis, but if you arrive at the same position a second way with a different set of moves it will revert to the first way you arrived at the position:
pente_player 2020-08-13T03:57:24+03:00 used to have Pente back when it was so there may be some old timers there who still play.
pente_player 2021-04-04T06:10:39+03:00
The dates for this year's Mind Sports Olympics have been announced -
I hope Pente will be one of the games included in the tournament schedule when it is announced in May.

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