Gomoku juuli karikas (July Cup)

Tüüp: Gomoku
Ürituse sisestas: ants
vint.ee, Eesti Rendžuliit, Huvikeskus Kullo
2020-07-21T14:00:00+03:00 - 2020-07-22T15:47:00+03:00
Suur testturniir Noorte MM-ks, toimub vint.ee-s 10min+ 2 sek Big test for World Youth Cup. Will held in vint.ee 9 rounds, time control 10min+2 sec
vint.ee turniiriruum vint.ee tournament room
Registreerimise info
Tournament room will be opened 30 minutes before tournament. For participation you need to have registrated user in vint.ee For that you need to: - If you dont have vint.ee account: Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage) - Fill your username and password and e-mail - Press to link in confirmation letter in your mailbox - Log in with your username and password - Select your language you want to use from left side of site - press to "games" - press to tournaments on right side of page - Choose right tournament - press "register", blue botton on right side of page. If you have "mark" before your name, you are succesfully registrated