MSO and Pentamind World Championships 2020

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Mind Sports Organisation
2020-08-01T15:00:00+03:00 - 2020-08-30T23:59:00+03:00
24th Mind Sports Olympiad and 24th Pentamind World Championships. Official web site Schedule and registering The following events will be played in Sudoku (Aug 2nd 19.30 UK time) Gomoku (Aug 7th, 19.30 UK time) Othello (Aug 8th, 15.30 UK time) Entropy (Aug 16th, 15.30 UK time) Giveaway draughts (Aug 19th, 19.30 UK time) All these events will count towards the Pentamind World Championship.
See for when and where each tournament is going to take place!
Registreerimise info
No registration is needed in but you need to register at You need to have a Vint username in order to participate in tournaments. You can sign up here