MSO test tournaments

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2020-07-20T21:00:00+03:00 - 2020-07-24T23:30:00+03:00
There will be 5 MSO tournaments held in Vint: sudoku, gomoku, Entropy, giveaway russian draughts and Othello. There will be a test tournament for each of them, in order for participants to get familiar with and to discover possible bugs. Sudoku on July 20th at 19 UK time Gomoku on July 21st at 19 UK time Othello on July 22nd at 19 UK time Giveaway draughts on July 23rd at 19 UK time Entropy on July 24th at 19 UK time
Asukoht, see links above for tournament rooms.
Registreerimise info
No pre-registration is needed. Everybody can play! You need to have a Vint username in order to participate in tournaments. You can sign up here