International schoolchildren gomoku online olympiade, 1st tournament

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2020-12-12T10:00:00+02:00 - 2020-12-12T12:55:00+02:00
14.November - trial tournament without age groups
12. December - 1. tournament 
30. January 2021 - 2nd tournament
13. March - 3rd tournament
10. April - 4th tournament
I suggest following regulation:
We will have 3 age groups (as we have different school system in different countries it can cause mess to use school stages):
1) Players born 2002-2005 - gr. A
2) Players born 2006-2009 - gr. B
3) Players born 2010 and later - gr. C
3 best results of 4 tournaments will be counted. About points system from each tournament I will confirm with Marten Meikop ( owner), but probably it will be following: 
1) place in tournament - 100 points; 2nd - 95; 3rd - 92; places 4th-93. 90...1.
All groups will play gomoku swap 2
Time control will be 3 minutes+ 2 seconds Fisher, 11 rounds in Swiss in all groups will be used
Tie-break criteria for one tournament:
In case of same number of points, the following criteria will be used:
1) Full Truncated Buchholz - Truncated solkoff: The sum of scores of all opponents minus the lowest score; if this is equal the sum of all opponents minus the 2 lowest scores .... Etc.
In case of equal coefficients player with better rating will get better place.
Tie-break criteria totally: 1. sum of given points from 3 best tournaments 2. Played tournaments number 3. Sum of places of tournaments
 If all criteria are same, then players will share place, except top three places. If players will share top three places, extra game(s) will be used. The time for extra game(s) will be decided by The Judges Council.
We will have also schools competition. 5 best results (in each gr. separately) will be counted
Groups A, B and C start in different time.
Gr. C will start 10:00 (tournament room will be opened 9:30) by Estonian time; 9:00 by Middle-European and Swedish, 11:00 by Moscow, 16:00 Chinese; 17:00 Japanese and Korean time
Gr. B  will start 10:30 (tournament room will be opened 10:00) by Estonian time; 9:30 by Middle-European and Swedish, 11:30 by Moscow, 16:30 Chinese; 17:30 Japanese and Korean time
Gr. A will start 11:00 (tournament room will be opened 10:30) by Estonian time; 10:00 by Middle-European and Swedish, 12:00 by Moscow, 17:00 Chinese; 18:00 Japanese and Korean.
For participation pre-registration is required. If trainers will do it, following datas are needed:
  1. Player's name and surname 2. username 3. Birth time 4. School name
If players or parents will register themselves, then scanned passport or ID card with full names, birth time, school and country is needed.
Pre-registration for 1-st tournament ends 11. December 17:00 (by Estonian time), players who have registered, dont need to register again before next tournaments.
Before each tournament is possible to add new players.
Prizes - We will award 10 best players and 3 best schools of each gr. with e-diplomas and publish names in and
Asukoht tournament rooms
Registreerimise info
For participation pre-registration is required. If trainers will do it, following datas are needed:
  1. Player's name and surname 2. username 3. Birth time 4. School name

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Csaba 2020-11-12T20:15:51+02:00 Group B name:Emma Körhegyi nick:Emma1 14.02.2006 name:Evelin Almási nick:Suhano 25.06.2006 name:Ádám Somló nick:Adam 03.11.2006 name:Ciarán Lucey nick:Kiki12345 27.11.2006 name:Janka Balázsi nick:Janka 22.08.2007 name:Manó Sándor Gyenei nick:m.gyenei 26.10.2007 name:Luca Körhegyi nick:luca13 29.09.2008 name:Alexa  Veres nick:ALEXA1 27.08.2009 name:Hunor  Kovács nick:KOVÁCS HUNI 31.12.2009 Group C name:Patrik Molnár nick:MOLNÁR P. 28.04.2010 name:Nimród Antal nick:A.NIMRÓD 16.06.2010 name:Dávid Ress nick:RESS DÁVID 28.06.2010 name:Máté Babai nick:BABAI M: 12.07.2010 name:Flóra Máthé nick:FLÓRA CICA 10.08.2010 name:Eszter Sidó nick:SIDÓ ESZTER 13.08.2010 name:Orsolya Benedek nick:B:ORSI 07.10.2010 name:Luca Fekete nick:FEKETE LUCI 14.10.2010 name:Barnabás Veres nick:VERESB. 21.01.2011 name:Zalán Schöck nick:S.ZALÁN 27.05.2011 name:Vince Vertán nick:VERTÁN V. 11.06.2011 All of them from Budafok-Tétényi Nádasdy Kálmán Iskola - Budapest, Hungary
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