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Meikop 2020-07-22T13:16:42+03:00

As we are recently seeing many non-Estonian players in, wanted to inform you about ongoing changes in the website (to avid confusion while browsing around the site).

We are introducing multi-language platform.
At start, there will be two languages available: Estonian and English. Later, we will be able to easily add additional languages (russian as an example). Around 90% of the visible functionality is already moved to new platform, tackling with the last 10% will take couple of months (the most difficult is the same forum here) but we will get there.

New design
As you might have noticed, some of the pages look different already : tournament results or Info and cntacts page.
New design follows the principles of responsive web so the user experience in the mobile is way better.
We are switching to new design page-by-page. The next to come is profile page, then the home/landing page, forum and so on. This also will take months to finish but hopefully by the end ow the year we will get there!

Best, team