Terms of service


By registering your account in vint.ee, you are aware and accept the content of this document and the rules in our site. Our portal is not monitored 24/7 by moderators but all actions taken on the site are logged and can be used afterwards.


By signing up, you have to choose an unique username. you can not have a username which: There rules apply in every language and in every context. Accounts with usernames that do not apply to these rules will ve closed.


We do not accept any form of cheating at vint.ee. We will close all accounts that do not obay the following rules:


Offending other users is prohibited. It is not allowed to: All the above points are valid on all vint.ee pages: in the chat rooms of the game room, in the forum and in the comments of the games. Violation of these rules may result in account termination.

Account termination

Vint.ee reserves the right to close the user account without prior notice. A user account may also be closed for reasons that are not reflected in this document. In this case, the user account will be closed and this document will be completed.

Your privacy

Vint.ee does its best to protect information about users. Sensitive data (password) entered by the user is encrypted. Vint.ee discloses your personal data (e-mail, IP) only to Estonian law enforcement agencies.

Warranty offered for the service

The Vint.ee team does its best to provide you with a fast, safe and error-free gaming environment. We do not guarantee that the service will meet your expectations in terms of speed or security. Any bugs found in the environment will be fixed.

Vint.ee credit

Vint.ee virtual credit system is a solution that allows users to participate in vint.ee paid online tournaments and consume other vint.ee paid services.
One Vint.ee credit is equal to 0.1 EUR or ten euro cents.
According to the tax office's request for paid tournaments, Vint.ee's credit cannot be realized back into euros.

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