Third World Renju Open Online tournament (for non-China mainland players)

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2020-12-05T09:00:00+02:00 - 2020-12-06T15:20:00+02:00
Tournament rule is Taraguchi-10. 7 rounds in Swiss will be played. Time control is 30 min per player+ 5 sec per move.
Tournament rules for fair play are same like in "real life" tournament, its forbidden to use computer programs or any kind analysing during game.

Preliminary schedule
Dec. 5.
1-st round 9:00 - time zone - UTC+3 (by Estonian, Turkish and Greek time; 8:00 by Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Swedish time; 10:00 by Moscow time; 15:00 by Chinese time, 16:00 by Japanese and Korean)
2nd round 10:30
3rd round 12:00
4th round 14:00
5th round 10:00
6th round 11:30
7th round 13:30

Tournament room will be opened 30 minutes before tournament.
For participation you need to have registrated user in
For that you need to: - If you dont have account:
Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage)
- Fill your username and password and e-mail
- Press to link in confirmation letter in your mailbox
- Log in with your username and password - Select your language you want to use from left side of site - press to "games"
- press to tournaments on right side of page
- Choose right tournament - press "register", blue botton on right side of page. If you have "mark" before your name, you are succesfully registrated
Asukoht tournament room
Registreerimise info
We ask to make pre-registration before tournament start. Please send following datas:
1) Your nickname
2) Your real name and country
3) Your e-mail address (coaches can give their e-mail instead of children)
You can send your registration to or even better here:

1.Competition grouping
Online group: all players except mainland China.

Group A: born before December 31, 2007
Registrated players: Samuli Saarenpaa (FIN)

Group B: born from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2011

Group C: born from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015

2.Competition arrangement

(1) Online competition: On the network platform, the competition rules are Taraguchi-10 rules, and the competition time is December 5-6

3.Reward method:

(1) The top 3 winners in each group will be awarded the certificate and trophy; the 4-8 winners will be awarded the certificate.

(2) Bonus (RMB after tax)

Online group A: Champion 3000 yuan, runner up 2000 yuan, second runner up 1000 yuan

in group B, the first prize is 1000 yuan, the second was 600 yuan, and the third was 400 yuan;

In group C, the first prize is 500 yuan, the second was 300 yuan, and the third was 200 yuan


Non-China players can only participate in online group without any fees,Registration must be completed by November 15 on;

Asukoht tournament room
Registreerimise info
Registreerimise info
We ask to make pre-registration before Novmber 15. Please send following datas:
We ask co-operation from countries federations and coaches.
Please send following datas:
1) Your nickname
2) Your real name and country
3) Your e-mail address (coaches can give their e-mail instead of children)
4) In case you wish to play in children tournament (gr. B or C) we need Your birth time (if you dont have coach then please send copy of your ID)
You can send your registration to or (and even better, to do it in events calendar -

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fage 2020-10-17T05:22:57+03:00
jangwnchl 2020-11-09T05:00:02+02:00 1) jangwnchl 2) Jang Won-cheol 3) 4) Aitäh :)
김성현 2020-11-09T05:11:56+02:00 1) 김성현 2) Kim Seong-hyeon, Korea 3) 4) -
laurel 2020-11-09T05:20:49+02:00 1) laurel 2) Kim han-byeol, Korea 3) 4) :)
Gwiyong 2020-11-09T05:55:07+02:00 1) Gwiyong 2) Kang Gwi-yong, Korea 3) 4) -
sirasoni 2020-11-13T06:10:51+02:00 sirasoni Kim Hong Soon, Korea Have a nice day :)
박웅배 2020-11-13T10:14:15+02:00 1) 박웅배 2) Park-Woong-Bae, Korea 3) 4) -
sandersonia 2020-11-15T04:03:13+02:00 1) sandersonia 2)Nakayama Tomoharu Japan 3)
pie-co 2020-11-15T13:31:06+02:00 1) pie-co 2)Maiko Fujita 3)
V4deoN 2020-11-15T14:37:03+02:00 1)V4deoN 2)Kawano Takahisa Japan 3)
georgr 2020-11-15T14:37:42+02:00 1) georgr 2) Georg-Romet Topkin Estonia 3)
Osillys 2020-11-15T15:50:58+02:00 1) Osillys 2) Yu Tien-Long, Chinese Taipei 3)
orchiaguan 2020-11-15T17:30:39+02:00 1) orchiaguan 2) Ivy Peng, United States of America 3)
Lucy 2020-11-15T17:46:07+02:00 1) Lucy 2) Lucy Qiu,Canada 3)
allever 2020-11-16T07:16:50+02:00 1) allever 2) Timo Ilu, Estonia 3)
dg80zx 2020-11-16T14:57:02+02:00
MihkelNormak 2020-11-17T10:28:14+02:00
nitroboii 2020-11-18T13:42:52+02:00 1) nitroboii 2) Oskar Kundla, Estonia 3) 4) 29.01.2008
hendrik70 2020-11-20T20:31:24+02:00 1)hendrik70 2) Hendrik Tambla, Estonia 3) 4) 29.12.2007
longzeng 2020-11-21T08:01:28+02:00 1)longzeng,2)longzeng,Macao,3)
Strickland 2020-11-21T16:39:29+02:00 1)Strickland,2)Strickland,Macao,3)
Park doyoung 2020-11-23T08:36:13+02:00 1)Park doyoung 2) Parkdoyoung,korea 3) 4)
lz9 2020-11-23T16:43:44+02:00 1) lz9 2) First name: Zoltán Last name: László Citizenship: Hungary 3)
idaliisa 2020-11-28T18:07:18+02:00 1) idaliisa 2) Ida-Liisa Välli, Estonia 3) 4) 04.11.2008
Kim23 2020-11-29T05:58:56+02:00 1)Kim23 2)Kim JinWoo, US 3) 4) :)
alpalikirkan 2020-11-30T18:03:13+02:00 ALP ALI KIRKAN
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