MSO Grand Prix 2023 Gomoku, Pente and Entropy

Type: Multiple game contest
Event entered by: Nuffu
Mind Sports Olympiad
2023-01-11T21:00:00+02:00 - 2023-03-12T23:59:00+02:00
The MSO Grand Prix is an online exclusive competition, bringing the thrill of the MSO right into your home. The goal of the MSO Grand Prix is to continue to bring together the world’s best players in online competition. Taking place annually every winter, the Grand Prix contains over 100 tournaments and 8 category competitions all with medals to be won.

Tournaments held on

Gomoku (Swap2) Sunday, 29th of January 14:30 (GMT) 9 rounds 5min + 3 sec
Pente (Swap2) Sunday, 12th of February 14:30 (GMT) 7 rounds 10 min + 5 sec
Entropy Sunday 12th of March 14:30 (GMT) 7 rounds 12 min

Gomoku and Pente tournaments have cash prizes for those who have registered for the tournament on the MSO homepage.
Signup information
Registration is on the MSO homepage.
To be able to play you need to have a registered user on and need to log on to the relevant tournament room up to 30 minutes before the tournament starts. Once in the room click "Register" to play in the tournament.