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I'm happy to announce a brand new feature in chatbot!
Anyone technology-aware trying it out has to admit that this technology is a game changer, this will change our future.

The chatbot is build on openAI API (text-davinci-003 model specifically). This model has been trained up to 2021 data (so the chatbot is not aware of the latest news).
This API is not available for free so we need to pay for it. For this reason, chatbot is available only for VIP users.

To use the chatbot, write to any chat room (lobby, game room, tournament room, game table, private chat) the following message " your question/message".
As an example you can ask  " Who was the king of France in 1567?".

PS! Be aware that the message to chatbot has to have at least three words and has to be 10 characters long!

Any comments and improvement ideas are welcome!

jakubcerny 2023-07-18T14:31:28+03:00
what is your name

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