New abstract game site with turn based Pente tournaments

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pente_playerTrainer 2024-04-29T16:39:37+03:00
There's a TB abstract games site which has recently added Pente and some of its variants -
People can request a tournament there, and if at least 4 players register for it within 2 weeks, then the tournament will be held, with another one scheduled to start a week after the other one has finished. Currently, there is scheduled to be a swap2 Pente tournament beginning there on May 4th. If there is enough interest, there could be swap2 keryo and other variant tour there also. The timer on these tournaments is 3 days for the first move + 1 1/2 days for each additional move,with a maximum timer of 5 days. Pro Pente is supported there as a variant, but not in sets currently. Tournamemts are played round robin in sections of 10 players maximum per section, so potentially 9 games happening at the same time per player.

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