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78 хэрэглэгч унших үүсгэн байгуулагч 2021-11-27T09:06:48+02:00
Hello, is moving towards more open and professional platform where people can play with their real name against real opponents.

Today we introduced a concept of Verified accounts. A verified account means that person has revealed their real identity in their profile. You can see which accounts are verified in the Lobby and in gamerooms, the username has a orange icon.

Now there is also an option to organise a tournament only for verified users. The next official tournament series in Chess and Draughts will be only for verified users as an example.

As we want gameroom chat to be clean from spam and impolite content, we also restricted that functionality to be available only for verified users or VIP users.

This journey is not finished, it actually just started: we are looking into making Leaderboards free from cheaters (we might be introducing veryfied users only leaderboards) and there might be other updates which make playing in more transparent.

Any feedback is welcome!

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This functionality is only for verified or VIP users